A Canadian Pricing System for HVAC Services
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A Canadian Pricing
System for HVAC Services

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  • Reduce cost, increase profitReduce cost, increase profit
  • Enhance your company imageEnhance your company image
  • Build customer confidence

The Reliable Pricing System, a national online pricing system, enhances your company image and reputation in the HVAC service industry which translates integrity to your customer.

Your customers will benefit by getting a repair quote from your company today knowing it will be the same tomorrow.


Set your own labour rate, discounts, inspection fee and more.

  • easily set or change your labour rates at any time
  • enter your technician’s regular hourly rates as well as his overtime rates
  • enter discounted prices that can be used for second repairs or for maintenance customers
  • enter your desired parts markup levels; you are in charge of your profit levels
  • include a set standard fee for diagnostics; includes travel time and diagnosis time for an accurate all-in-one fee
  • each technician has his own login giving your technician personal preference control
  • administrator login has administrative control over hourly rates (not visible to technician) while technician login has control over part searches and price to charge customers

The Reliable Pricing System has drawn upon years of experience and thousands of service calls to establish the average time and materials required to complete hundreds of different service repairs. We take your hourly charge-out rate, desired parts markup and profit levels and then prepare for you a set of fixed prices that you charge your customers. The system will tell you the projected gross profit for the repair.

With an administrator and technician login, you can keep confidential business information separate from standard part requirements.

Provide your customer with costs up front, before repairs begin.

  1. Diagnose customer’s problem
  2. Login to the Reliable Pricing System
  3. Look up an accurate cost to repair the problem for the customer
    • Your company rates are already entered into the system
    • Thousands of frequently updated parts are already in the system
  4. Give your customer an accurate repair quote which will be the same tomorrow as it is today.

The Reliable Pricing System provides benefits for the customer, the technician and the contractor. Your customers benefit from knowing what the price will be before any work is completed. Your technician no longer has to guess at how long a repair might take or what parts he may need. You benefit by knowing that you are charging a price that is fair to the customer and will return a gross profit that will enable you to keep your business operating effectively and efficiently.

Accurate and frequently updated part costs direct from major suppliers and manufacturers.

Thousands of parts and material costs are indexed in the Reliable Pricing System, complete with gross margin costs and average repair times.

  • Frequently updated parts from most Canadian manufacturers
  • Choose from a range of over 40 product categories to simplify your part search
  • Part breakdown includes projected repair time as well as fuel costs for the repair
  • Parts description includes helpful notes for your technician regarding the actual repair

Screenshots & Videos

A Sneak Peek at the Reliable Pricing System

On the homepage, the systems user-friendly interface allows technicians to bookmark frequently searched items, recall recent searches in the system as well as see the latest product updates.

With over 40 product categories, it’s simple for your technician to find the parts he is looking for. Further locate all the parts available for a particular category and you’re well on your way to accurately and cost-effectively repairing your customer's problem.

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Same Great Features

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Watch the Reliable Pricing System in Action!

Take a video tour of the Reliable Pricing System in action and see for yourself some of the many benefits, including:

  • its ease of use
  • its multitude of features and customizable nature
  • the differences between the administrator and technician login
  • over 1700 kits to browse through
  • accurate and up-to-date pricing
  • new parts and kits added frequently


“So far, the Techs have taken to the new On-Line version. There is a learning curve involved in the transition from the Printed Manuals, given the smaller format used on our mobile devices, but it is a minor adjustment process. We appreciate the larger database of repair prices available on the On-Line version and the more frequent updates to the system with added repair pricing, and pricing revisions where costs on components have proven to be on the increase."

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“Our customers like the fact that they know the cost of the repair prior to it being done and no surprises when they get the Bill. This supports the honest approach to business that we relay to our customers. Accounts Receivable also likes the fact that customers usually pay the Invoice to the Technician, or if they don’t, there is at least no questions later about acceptance of the services rendered."

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Over 1700 Kits

At your fingertips.

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Further learning all over the world

With a brand new year ahead of us, why not make a resolution to stay informed and up-to-date on the ongoings of the HVAC industry? In our industry there are myriad of opportunities for further education as well as business networking and recruitment. Listed below are just a sampling of what’s to come in 2015 for the HVAC industry.

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